Martin Svolgart is the name under which I write crime, thriller, psychological, and action adventure genres. The contemporary stuff with some sense of reality to it.

Another name is HP Caledon, under which I write space opera and action adventure set in space. The fun part here is that making up new species and cultures will allow for interesting views on our own.

I’m playing around with a new genre, mainly because I want to keep challenging myself. I love the look into the human mind and nature, so either dumping them in a shit hole somewhere in the future or poking at them in dark/horror is all apart of the thrill of writing. This new pseudonym, Gil P. Tromo, however, isn’t really up for showcasing anything so far, so it’s merely my playground to try out new avenues to explore humanity and all the nuances that makes up us. But do feel free to follow the names on Facebook and twitter and look back here to see when more books come out under those names.

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